Our experienced team of biologists, engineers and clinicians is driven by innovation and patients’ needs. We are lucky to be able to make our passion our profession and are ready to push boundaries.


Giulia Raggi

Project Manager

Andreas Hugi

Development Engineer

Lea De Maddalena

Junior Project Manager

Laurène Froment

Biologist & Laboratory Manager

Stefan Guggisberg

Production Engineer

Dr. Nuria Roldan

Project Leader

Aude Rapet


Daniela Bunic

Production Employee

Dr. Janick Stucki

CEO & Technical Director

Dr. Nina Hobi

CEO & Scientific Director

Advisory Board

Our scientific advisors, Prof. Olivier T. Guenat, Prof. Thomas Geiser and Prof. Ralph A. Schmid, promote organs-on-chip technology so that patients can rapidly reap the benefits of accelerated drug discovery. They initiated the years-long partnership with the Inselspital, Switzerland’s largest hospital group, and the ARTORG Center of the University of Bern.

Prof. Dr. med.
Thomas Geiser

Clinical Director and Head of Pulmonary Medicine, Inselspital Head of the Lung Research Laboratory, University of Bern

«Lung-on-chip technology will push precision medicine forward – in favor of patients with acute and chronic lung diseases.»

Prof. Dr.
Olivier T. Guenat

Group Head Organs-on-Chip Technology, University of Bern

«In 2010, the idea sparked to bio-engineer the human breathing motion. Now, this cutting-edge technology made its first step into the drug approval process.»

Prof. Dr. med.
Ralph A. Schmid

Clinical Director and Head of General Thoracic Surgery, Inselspital

«Surgery can cure cancer in early stages, but additional, innovative therapies are needed to improve survival in late stages. We are testing the safety and efficacy of novel cancer drugs in the lung-on-chip.»


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AlveoliX’ headquarter is located in close proximity to our main partners, the Inselspital and the University of Bern. The labs and offices are within in the sitem-insel, a national center of excellence fostering translational medicine.

AlveoliX’ production site is located in Nidau within the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB). The SIPBB is a Swiss private non-profit organization that performs and supports industry-focused applied research and development.

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