Technology information

The AXBarrier-on-Chip System is a cutting-edge platform that enables the study of biological barriers such as the lung or gut barrier and many others. It is designed to replicate the complex micro environment of organ barriers taking into account​ the mechanical forces. This enables researchers to model any organ and customize​ the applied forces, ranging from physiological to pathophysiological levels.​


Key Features

The AXBarrier-on-Chip System includes customizable stretch parameters to replicate mechanical cues of any organ barrier.


  • Uni- or Bidirectional membrane movement​
    Create any motion pattern of your choice​
  • Physiological and Pathophysiological stretch levels​
    Create physiological motion or simulate traumas / injuries​​
  • Frequency adjustments​
    Speed up or slow down the motion to target the desired stimuli​​
  • Active and dormant time periods​ definition
    Tune the organ motion to account for day and night activity​
  • Ultrathin, porous and elastic membrane for cell growth
    Thickness: 3.5µm & Pores: Ø 3µm​
  • Mono- or Coculture models
    with/without immune component​