Technology information

With the AXLung-on-Chip System, healthy, diseased, and personalized in-vitro models can be create to test molecule safety, efficacy, and toxicity (drugs, pollutants, cosmetics, etc.) as well as to answer fundamental research questions. Based on this system, we have developed a wide range of different applications, see  AXBiomodels.


Key Features

The AXLung-on-Chip System replicates the key features of the human lung microenvironment for in vitro modelling in outmost physiological conditions:


  • Ultrathin, porous and elastic membrane for cell growth
    Thickness: 3.5µm & Pores: Ø 3µm
  • Breathing motion
    12 cycles/min & 8% linear strain
  • Mono- or Coculture models
    with/without immune component​​
  • Air-liquid interface
    Ideal for exposure or inhalation studies