Wednesday, September 8, 2021 – Virtual

Meet us at BioBarriers 2021, an online conference focused on drug delivery in the context of infection research. The interfaces of the outer epithelia (skin, GI, and lungs) as either target tissue or barrier for non-invasive drug delivery are the central topic and connect research on delivery technologies and complex in vitro models. 

On September 8th, our partner, Arunima Sengupta, PhD will be presenting her latest results using the AX-Lung-on-chip System during her oral presentation ” A bioinspired breathing human alveoli-on-chip model to mimic inhalation” at 12:15 CET. 

Also, for more chip insights, do not miss the posters “The quest for simple but biologically relevant in vitro barrier models: example and applications of the lung-on-chip technology” by Nuria Roldan and “Breathing-increased sensitivity to PHMG nebulization on lung-on-chip cultured epithelial cells” by Magali Schwob.

More information about the event here.