🌟 Exciting News! 🌟Do you like fashion? Do you love Milano? Well guess what! AlveoliX will be participating in the most fashionable Organs-on-a-Chip congress in Europe! And yes in Milano!

Come to Discover with Laurène Froment and Daniel. A. Gutierrez our latest designs and capabilities to tackle the most challenging industry needs in Gut and Lung health.

✨We will be unveiling 2 developments in Lung/Gut-on-Chip.

Poster 145:
A breathing lung-on-chip for inhalation toxicology and safety assessment
Poster 146:
Advancing Drug Testing with a novel human 3D peristaltic Gut-on-Chip platform

🤝 Ready for a demo of our system? We would be thrilled to show you more live!

🔬 Visit our Booth Number 1 in Hall 2.

More information about the event: Here