Monday, September 07, 2020 – Wednesday, September 09, 2020 – Virtual conference

The annual ERS Congress is a showcase of excellence across the entire field of respiratory medicine. In this context, Nuria Roldan, Giulia Raggi and Mirjam Kiener will be showing the latest advances on in vitro lung modelling in health and disease. The oral and poster contributions are entitled “Modeling alveolar barrier disruption in vitro for sepsis-induced ARDS preclinical studies”, “Interleukin-2 – induced vascular leak syndrome: clinically relevant in vitro recapitulation with a patient-derived lung-on-chip” and “Organoids and lung-on-chip to study SARS-CoV- 2-mediated lung injury”. To comply with the current social distancing policy, this year the annual ERS Congress will be held online.

More information: European Respiratory Society International Congress – ERS 2020