August 27 – 31, 2023 – Niagara Falls, Canada

❓Are you attending WC12? Join the leading experts in the field in Niagara Falls from August 27 – 31, 2023.

📍 Nina Hobi our CEO will have a talk and co-chairing the session S434: “In-a-Dish or On-a-Chip? Complex In Vitro Models” with Justin Roberto from Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods (CCAAM)

💡 Don’t miss this chance to learn more about our Organ-on-Chips and their applications in the different contributions:

Talk | Aug. 29 | 14:00-16:00
S436: The human lung: infection biology & inhalation toxicology
“Targeting respiratory viruses: A novel alveolus-on-chip infection model for pre-clinical applications”
By Mirjam Kiener

Posters | Aug. 28 | 12:30-14:00
#732 “A new Barrier-on-Chip system for one-fits-all organ modelling: the example of the gut”
Posters | Aug. 30 | 12:30-14:00
#733 “A lung-on-chip platform to assess in vitro safety and toxicology with physiologically relevant outcomes”
By Nina Hobi

📅 Feel free to reach out to Nina via LinkedIn to book a meeting with her. If you are interested in inhalation/exposure, you can even meet her at the Vitrocell Systems GmbH booth (27) where the Cloud Alpha AlveoliX AX12 will be presented.

🙏  Many thanks to Charu Chandrasekera for organizing this great event!

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