A great honor for Janick Stucki, CTO at AlveoliX! He was invited to present the AlveoliX lung-on-chip at the TEDxBern on 31st August 2018.

TEDxBern has introduced amazing and surprising Bernese ideas in 2018 again. The speakers know: ‘ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE’. They are developing new ideas, exploring combinations of tried and tested ideas, crossing borders and achieving the impossible. And the audience in turn knows: At TEDxBern they have the opportunity to get to know visionaries who are changing Berne and the world. The talks are between 6 and 18 minutes long and are held in Bernese German dialect, standard German and English. All speakers have a relationship to the region in and around Berne.

Check out his great performance “Pushing boundaries with human organs-on-a-chip”