September 2018

The AlveoliX Lung-on-a Chip developed with the ARTORG Center of the University of Bern has just been published in Nature Scientific Reports. This advanced in-vitro system mimics the lung alveolar barrier in an unprecedented way, using a 3 micrometer thin, flexible and porous membrane that is cyclically deflected by a micro diaphragm, like in the lung. This work is a collaboration with the Pulmonary Medicine Clinic and the Thoracic Clinic of the University of Bern, the University of Ulm (Germany), The Helmholtz Center for Infection Research (Germany), and the Völklingen Heart Center (Germany).

September 2018

Congratulations to Giulia Raggi for the prize for the best MSc project from the Life Sciences & Technology Master at EPFL. Giulia reproduced an acute lung injury based on the lung-on-chip technology developed at the ARTORG Organs-on-Chip Technologies laboratory.

August 2018

Great honor for Janick Stucki, CTO at AlveoliX, to present the lung-on-chip at the TEDx in Bern: check his great performance!

June 2018

Good news for AlveoliX. The US patent office accepted the patent for the AlveoliX lung-on-chip system!

February 2018

AlveoliX receives the Spin-off label of the University of Bern!

December 2017

AlveoliX with the Organs-on-Chip Technologies group at the University of Bern are awarded a CTI/Innosuisse grant totalling 0.65 mio CHF to develop their lung-on-chip system

October 2017

Great news, AlveoliX just closed its first financing round aimed at bringing its first product, a lung-on-chip system, on the market

April 2017

BioTechniques features AlveoliX new 12 wells lung-on-chip platform.

March 2017

AlveoliX will present its first product at the Organs-on-Chip World Congress in Boston, July 10-11th in Boston. Join us in Boston an be part of this exciting conference

February 2017

AlveoliX was selected to be one of the three finalists for the 20117 prestigious CTI Swiss Medtech Award. Join us June 13th at the Kursaal in Bern at the Swiss Medtech Award to support us!

November 2016

AlveoliX in the News on how organs-on-chip will change the way cell culture is done today.

November 2016

AlveoliX lung-on-chip system selected to be presented at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2016 in Basel

November 2016

AlveoliX will be at the third Organ-on-a-Chip World Congress in July 2017 in Boston.

September 2016

AlveoliX invited at the Roche Organs-on-Chip Seminar

May 2016

AlveoliX Newsletter May 2016

AlveoliX warmly thanks the following foundations/organizations for their great support!