September 2019

Alveolix innovative contribution for lung-on-chip based inhalation assays have been published in “Advanced in vitro lung-on-chip platforms for inhalation assays: From prospect to pipeline” in collaboration with the Israel Institute of Technology, ARTORG Center and Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland.

Congratulations to Giulia Raggi and Aude Rapet for being awarded the EUSAAT  Young Scientist Travel Award to participate in the 19th Annual EUSAAT meeting

August 2019

Alveolix participates in the SITEM Insel open doors day!

August 2019

BBQ time! AlveoliX hosts the summer AlveoliX barbecue together with their colleagues from the Organs on Chip Technologies group at the ARTORG center

July 2019

Summer team event! Alveolix exercises the Bernese Macrofluidic “Aareböötle”

June 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Nuria Roldan for being awarded the ERS Young Scientist Sponsorship from the European Respiratory Society.

April 2019

AlveoliX appoints two new CEOs to continue development push. In the course of this continuous growth, the Board of Directors has decided to further strengthen the positive momentum with a concentrated charge of expertise. Dr. Janick Stucki, AlveoliX’s Chief Technical Officer, and Dr. Nina Hobi, AlveoliX’s Chief Scientific Officer, have been appointed as the company’s new Co-CEOs.

Stucki and Hobi succeed Prof. Olivier Guenat, who will remain member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors wishes to thank Mr Guenat for his valuable contribution to the development of the company, as Chief Executive Officer during the last three years.

March 2019


AlveoliX receives the EUROSTARS grant! The European Commission will support AlveoliX and twelve further Swiss startups in the 2019 cutoff. The Eurostars project, AIM4DOC, will support the company in developing an Advanced Inhalation Model for Drug Discovery on Chip.

March 2019


Alveolix celebrates its annual winter event walking through the Gemmipass together with their colleagues from the Organ on Chip Technologies group!

September 2018

The AlveoliX Lung-on-a Chip developed with the ARTORG Center of the University of Bern has just been published in Nature Scientific Reports. This advanced in-vitro system mimics the lung alveolar barrier in an unprecedented way, using a 3 micrometer thin, flexible and porous membrane that is cyclically deflected by a micro diaphragm, like in the lung. This work is a collaboration with the Pulmonary Medicine Clinic and the Thoracic Clinic of the University of Bern, the University of Ulm (Germany), The Helmholtz Center for Infection Research (Germany), and the Völklingen Heart Center (Germany).

September 2018

Congratulations to Giulia Raggi for the prize for the best MSc project from the Life Sciences & Technology Master at EPFL. Giulia reproduced an acute lung injury based on the lung-on-chip technology developed at the ARTORG Organs-on-Chip Technologies laboratory.

AlveoliX warmly thanks the following foundations/organizations for their great support!